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Backpacking Solo Around the World

In 2007, I began planning a trip that has changed my life forever.  The intent was simple: go alone and see the world.  I began my blog at that time and past posts will show the struggle that happened within my own head to make it a reality.  I had all the excuses.  All of the fear.  And all of the doubt that it was a responsible move on my part.  Yet, in 2008 I managed to silence all of my inner critics and with only a backpack in hand, set off to see the world.  I scheduled no places to stay and had very few contacts along the way.  I had picked my course targeted mostly in the southern hemisphere and intentionally off the beaten path.  Destinations were chosen based on my personal rating of their ability to expand my mind within 4 specific criteria: Spirituality, Surfing, Business, and Bucket List.

(*Writings documenting the journey are on the right side)

In each of the 15 countries that I managed to visit, my entrance remained the same.  Arrival, customs, bathroom break, baggage claim, and Now What?

What transpired was beyond my wildest imagination.  The blog posts written along the way give at least a glimpse of the expereience and I will be documenting the journey via a book in the months to come.

For those amazing people who housed me, clothed me, fed me, and cared for me out of the kindness of their hearts over the course of my travels, Thank you.  You truly were angels along the way.

Some of the highlights include, hiking into the lost city of Machu Picchu, Peru.  Ashram life and spiritual offroading in Amritapuri, India.  South Africa surfing from Capetown to Jeffrey’s Bay.  Jumping off the highest bungy in the world, Bloukran’s Bridge, South Africa.  Wet adventures at a La Boca Jrs Football game in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Talking my way into my first trip down a Class 3 rapids solo in a rubber kayak, Peru.  Living out of a van and a suicide kangaroo encounter in Western Australia.   One full week of surfing by day and driving 6-8 hours every night to the next empty beach break, North Island, New Zealand.  Island life in Isla Grande, Brazil.  Deportation to Venezuela after long stay in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  Gurus in Pai, Thailand.  Flying down the Mekong river in a speedboat, sporting a motorcycle helmet and face protection, Laos.   Bodysurfing at Cloudbreak, Tavarua, Fiji.  My first barrel at Sandy Beach, O’ahu upon returning home.

Tomorrow’s adventures gather nightly detail from within my dreams.

Here’s to living a life that is eternally more curious than afraid.