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Sam Chillingworth

Sam Holomua Chillingworth Life is short.  Love.

The smell of Puakenikeni flowers in bloom.    Moonrises over the Mokulua  Islands.  A baby crab speeding across the sand.   Honu in the surf lineup.  The sound of valley forests. A woman dancing hula.  Flower tucked behind your ear. An unexpected kiss. The kaona of a Hawaiian love song.  Kanikapila with old friends.  ʻEhukai Beach Park.  Cliff jumping.  Sliding down the face of liquid mountains. Traveling. Swimming with dolphins before breakfast.  Honolulu City Lights after 6 hours from San Francisco.  Smiles.  Trade winds. The smell of waves at dawn.  ‘Ohana.  The glow of a woman hāpai.  Wood craft.  The healing properties of the ocean.  Shave ice.  Paniolo music. Writing.  Jalapeno Pipikaula.  A walk on the beach.  Positive energy.  Confidence.  Listening to your Na’au.  Watching kids in the shore break.  Mochi ice cream. Sunsets reflecting on the ocean. Sam Chillingworth WavesBeing forehead to forehead.  Hā.  Canoe surfing.  Spiritual journeys.  Picking up trash.  No shirt. No shoes.  Studying our existence.  A womanʻs lips.  White Light.  Lanikai at Kona winds.  Smiles.  Happiness. Presence. True friends.  Kailua on a cruiser. The words of elders. Perpetuating cultures.  Duality. International Friends.  Accepting.  Diving under a breaking wave.  Source.  Seeing the stars from new lands.  Understanding.  Teaching.  Shoyu Ahi Poke.  ʻAumakua.  Real hugs.  A kiss on the cheek.  Listening.  Reading.  Sandy Beach body surfing. Artistic expression.  Adventures.  Introspection.  Smiles.  Newborn Keiki feet.

This is who I am.

-honu: turtle, kanikapila: to play music, ohana: family, hapai: pregnant, na’au: intuition, aumakua: ancestors, keiki: child-

Sam Chillingworth Laos

Where I am

In my first third on earth I have served others as a lava rock wall builder, painter, landscaper, carpenter, construction apprentice, swim teacher, water polo coach, surfing instructor, lifeguard, market analyst, sales trainer, mentor, pharmaceutical sales representative, hr consultant, luxury real estate agent, world traveler, published author, speaker, lifestyle design coach, ordained minister, wedding officiant, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, producer, director, husband and perpetual advocate for the active reclaiming of what it means to Live.